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Aww – Baby Ariel Ringtone

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Aww is the debut single by social media personality, Baby Ariel. The song was released on December 1, 2017. In an interview with Billboard, Ariel explained about how excited she was to release her first single by saying: "I have always dreamed of releasing my own music, I’m so excited to begin this next chapter with the release of Aww."

She then talked about how fun she had on set of the music video by saying: "We all had the best time filming the music video and I can’t wait for everyone to see it!”. Listen and download Aww - Baby Ariel ringtone free for your android or ios. This ringtone was uploaded by website. 

Aww - Baby Ariel

Aww - Baby Ariel Ringtone Lyrics:

You're so freaking cute
I think I could get used to you
Got me like aww, aww (aww), aww, aww (aww)
And where did you come from babe?
Please don't tell me you're fa-a-ake, no
Got me like aww, aww (aww), aww, aww

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