4 AM – 2 Chainz, Travis Scott

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4 AM – 2 Chainz, Travis Scott Ringtone

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Okay, you popped up on me by surprise (yeah, yeah)
You see I never took you for the poppin' type (straight up)
Damn, it's 4 AM so please believe the hype (its lit)
Hit the lights (yeah), I'm way over top
Pop it, flick it
Drop a pin, send a location (skrrt, skrrt)
I'ma pull up in that bullet-coupe spaceship (skrrt, skrrt)
Drop off a bag of some dangerous (yeah)
I'ma hit you, 4 AM, see if you make it (yeah)

I dropped ColleGrove out the sky, ooh
In a group with the best rapper that's alive, ooh
Never turn my back on my slime, ooh
I ain't wanna fuck the bitch but she was fine, ooh
Hold up baby, let me take my time, ooh
Hard to get some head and try to drive, ooh
Jumpin' out the cake and that's surprisin', ooh
Pickin' up the duffel bag like exercisin', ooh