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Yikes – Nicki Minaj Ringtone

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Nicki Minaj has returned with her first new music of 2020. On February 5, Nicki clarified that “Yikes” would not serve as the lead single to her highly-anticipated fifth studio album but that it would instead be released as a promotional single on February 7.

The release of the track was delayed by three hours, presumably because Nicki rewrote parts of the song to include jabs at ex-boyfriend Meek Mill with whom she had two public fights leading up to the song’s release.

Yikes - Nicki Minaj

Ringtone Yikes - Nicki Minaj:

Yikes, I play tag and you it for life (Woo, life)
Yikes (Yikes), you a clown, you do it for likes
Yikes (Yikes), yes, it's tight, but it doesn't bite
Grip it right, he be like (Woo)
Yikes, what's the hype? This is something light (Light, light, woo)
Yikes, outta town on consistent flights
Yikes, work hard, this a different white (White)
Get your life, you bitches ain't livin' right (Woo)

Yeah (Sheesh, go), I keep two nines, yeah (Sheesh)
You see my face all over that Fendi design, yeah
Soon as niggas press you, boy, you throw up peace signs, yeah
You don't want that action, pull your cards, you decline, yeah

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