Venice Bitch – Lana Del Rey

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Venice Bitch – Lana Del Rey Ringtone

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Venice Bitch” is the second single off Lana Del Rey’s sixth studio album. It was written with and produced by Jack Antonoff. In the track Lana gives an overview of herself and her man living at their best with snapshots of happy moments as time fades away, the plot is an extention of the album’s title track “Norman Fucking Rocwell”. The track flows with a nostalgic feel turning into a psychedelic trip adding soft-rock elements like electric guitars, synths and drums.

The track runs at 9 minutes 41 seconds making it so far Lana’s longest track ever. The previous record was set by almost 7 minutes long “Cruel World” released in 2014.

Venice Bitch - Lana Del Rey

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Venice Bitch – Lana Del Rey Ringtone Lyrics:

Fear fun, fear love
Fresh out of fucks, forever
Tryin' to be stronger for you
Ice cream, ice queen
I dream in jeans and leather
Life's dream, I'm sweet for you

Oh God, miss you on my lips
It's me, your little Venice bitch
On the stoop with the neighborhood kids
Callin' out, bang bang, kiss kiss

You're in the yard, I light the fire
And as the summer fades away
Nothing gold can stay
You write, I tour, we make it work
You're beautiful and I'm insane
We're American-made

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