No Longer Friends – Bryson Tiller

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No Longer Friends – Bryson Tiller Ringtone

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No Longer Friends ringtone:

Let's go back to the time when your nigga used to trip
'Bout the time we spent, girl, when we were just friends
It was all friendly on my end
Even though I look forward to seeing you again like, uh
When am I seeing you again?
Ayy, when are we speaking again?
Shit, you look good with that ink on your skin
Hood, but you far from the streets you was in, oh yeah
No he don't like it, call me up
He don't like it
This was the perfect timin'
Love you, I'm sorry and I can't, yeah
Talk about you like a queen making
As if you even never even mattered
And you a bad bitch, you keep getting badder
This ain't the side nigga anthem
I been straight forward, he's going backwards