Krippy Kush – 21 Savage

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Krippy Kush – 21 Savage Ringtone

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Krippy Kush - 21 Savage Ringtone:

Call baby girl up, it’s time to smoke something (21)
I know you heard, I’m Slaughter Gang, I smoke something (yeah)
Off the head, yeah, I ain’t never wrote nothing (facts)
Pretty face, ass fat, I'm tryna poke something (yah, yah)
Yeah, back it up, baby, let me see you twerk (21)
Yeah, spillin’ codeine on my Gucci shirt (on my shirt)
Yeah, whole lotta racks and the krispy (the krispy)
And she throw that ass back like a frisbee (on God)
Uh-huh, I'm smoking krippy kush (krippy kush)
Fill the backwoods up with the whole bush (the whole bush)
I might pass her to the team, 'cause she old news (she old news)
Tryna make a hundred M's using Pro Tools (bags)
In a Maybach and I’m laid back (21)
Put a bullet hole (yeah), in ya' wave cap (on God)
You better pay me now (now), I don’t cut slack (nah)
All these VVS’s (21), make you upset (21, 21, 21)