Fuck that check up – Meek Mill

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Fuck that check up – Meek Mill Ringtone

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Fuck that check up ringtone:

Bad lil thottie, she got bodies
I'm on perkies, she on molly
Sippin' on dirty, smokin' on Cali
Big Rolls Royce, no Maseratis
I'm 'bout to pull out that V12
I'ma shit on these niggas like Ezel
Let her ride on that dick with no seatbelt
With the money, I know she don't mean well
Niggas running their mouth like they females
When you winning, they only wan' see you fail
When you winning, they only wan' see you lose
Niggas steal and I can't let 'em see my moves
Wait, ha ha, selling that cocaina (white!)
Started off selling that crack rock (crack rock)
Now we sell out arenas (lit!)
White boys say I'm genius, white girls say I'm gnarly
Did 30 bandz in Neimans, now we 20 grand at Barney's
Ever put a pop bitch on the block list, I don't pop shit
Cause I got shit, in the drop six
With a thot bitch, whole squad lit
Heard your new shit, that is not it
Whole gang with me on some mob shit
He ain't talkin' money then its nonsense
Bran got the gas, you are not lit, no way