Feels – Calvin Harris, Big Sean

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Feels – Calvin Harris, Big Sean Ringtone

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Goddamn, I know you love to make an entrance
Do you like getting paid or getting paid attention?
You mixed the wrong guys with the right intentions
In the same bed, but it still feel long distance
You're looking for a little more consistency
But when you stop looking you gon' find what's meant to be
And honestly, I'm way too done with the hoes
I cut off all my exes for your x and o's
I feel my old flings was just preparing me
When I say I want you, say it back, parakeet
Fly in first-class through the air, Airbnb
I'm the best you had, you just be comparing me to me
I'mma 'at' this at you, if I put you on my phone
And upload it, it'll get maximum views
I came in through in the clutch with the lipsticks and phones
Wear your fave cologne just to get you alone