Down Like That – KSI

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Down Like That – KSI Ringtone

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Down Like That - KSI Ringtone Lyrics:

I was nothin' but loyal to you right from the start
You changed up on me as soon as things were getting hard
I’ve always seen the light despite us being in the dark
And you let me down like that, yeah, down like that (Oh why)

Yeah, yeah, I want that knockdown
Fuck up the system, make it shut down
I’m cold with this, slow man down like Freezer (Mm)
Wanna backstab like Frieza (Mm)
Dictate death like Caesar (Mm)
Always come through with a bee (Yeah)
Got to do a lot to trouble me (Yeah)
Visionary still won’t tunnel me (Yeah)
Me to you, now that will chuckle me
Devilish views when they’re aiming at the prophet
Emitting pain 'til you’re nothing
Remember what I said when that pussy tried moving with the opps? (Woo)
Now he back with the blocks, nigga