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“Believe” is the second track on Revival, and Eminem starts rhyming from where he left off on “Walk On Water”. The track marks Eminem’s first take on a modern trap beat. His flow is slower and more unhurried than on previous tracks and features since his last album, which is notable as it corresponds to a passage on “Walk on Water”.

Contentwise, the song is somewhat a U-turn to the previous song: On “Walk On Water”, Eminem was questioning himself and his ability to create new music that would appeal to his fans, while on “Believe”, he shows confidence and makes clear that he has faith in himself. Yet, throughout the song, one question stands above it all, and Eminem is posing it directly to his fans: "Do they still believe in him?". 

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Believe - Eminem

Ringtone Believe Lyrics:

And I started from the bottom
Like a snowman, ground-up
Like round chuck, and still put hands on you
Stayin' wound up is how I spend time
Sucker free, confidence high
Such a breeze when I pen rhymes
I just got that air about me like wind chimes (yeah)
Another day in the life (uh)
Used to have to scrape to get by (yeah)
Now my community's gated and I
Made it and my neighbors say hi
I'm givin' 'em pounds, I'm upscale now
Guess it means I'm way in the sky
But I still remember the days of
Minimum wage for general labor
Welfare recipient since a minor
Look how government assistance has made ya!
Adversity, if at first you don't succeed
Put your temper to more use
'Cause bein' broke's a poor excuse
That should only give you more fuel
Show 'em why you're you
So close, God, it's like I almost got it
But close only counts in time, bombs and horseshoes
So I Unabomb shit—tick, tick, tick—no remorse, pew!
Screw it, I'm lit, and that attitude I blew up on quick
That's why they call me firecracker
I grew up on WIC—wick, wick, wick—with a short fuse
I got some important news to report to
Anyone who thought I was done: nah bitch, not quite
Spotlight's back on, got my faith, where's yours?

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